Tobacco Oak Wood Vinyl Wrap with ADT TOW248

Tobacco Oak Wood Vinyl Wrap with ADT TOW248


This Tobacco Oak Wood Grain Vinyl Wrap is textured like the real thing to give it that authentic look and feel and comes with ADT (Air Drain Technology) to allow for a bubble free installation.

This easy to apply self adhesive wood grain vinyl can be installed on any smooth and slightly curved surface which means there are unlimited amount of applications for your interior design projects.

Material: Polymeric PVC Film
Durability: Indoor 8-10 years
Thickness: 200microns
Feature: Textured for authentic feel
Application: Dry application 

There are endless application ideas for our Architectural Wraps including office furniture, reception desk, doors, lifts, retail displays, restaurants, lobbies, home furniture, customize Ikea furniture, kitchen cabinets, tables, are only limited by your imagination.

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