Ikea Hack Furniture Wrapping

Ikea Hack Furniture Wrapping


Customize your IKEA furniture with our architectural wrapping vinyls, the Swedish modern designs are often let down by the lack of diversity in the colour and finishes of there products. This is where we can come in with this IKEA Hack, with over 300 types of wrapping vinyls you can virtually transform one of their products into a bespoke piece of furniture to suit your own personal style.

All our vinyls come in an array of sizes to suit all projects, from wrapping a set of there Malm drawers to their kitchen cabinets for the perfect IKEA Hack.

Not only can you transform new IKEA furniture you can also upcycle old tired IKEA furniture and bring it back to life with our easy to apply vinyls for a fraction of the price of replacing.

Not only does our vinyls customize IKEA furniture, you can wrap anything you can think of from your coffee table to your kids are only limited by your imagination.

Browse all our vinyls in our Architectural section, click here.


Check out our customers video showing you how easy it is to transform a bland MALM drawer set into a unique bespoke looking show piece...


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