Super Conform Green Chrome Wrap with ADT

Super Conform Green Chrome Wrap with ADT

€49.99 (Inc. VAT)
€40.64 (Ex. VAT)

This Super Conform Mirror Green Chrome Wrap Vinyl comes with ADT (Air Drain Technology) which allows for a bubble free finish.

It is a conformable green mirror chrome and will be more suited for experienced installers as all mirror chrome vinyls are more sensitive to heating and stretching.  

Chromatic Vinyl Films SC-100 Series gives a green mirror effect and it is the most realistic alternative to actual chrome. 

- Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
- Type: SC-100 Series
- Material: Polymeric PVC Film
 -Durability: Outdoor Durability 2 years, indoor 5 years
- Thickness: 120microns
- Application: Dry application for exterior and interior wraps. 

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