Orange 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl with ADT

Orange 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl with ADT

€19.99 (Inc. VAT)
€16.25 (Ex. VAT)

This Orange 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap is a textured vinyl which replicates a Dry Carbon Fibre finish and comes with ADT (Air Drain Technology). It reflects light the same way that real carbon fiber would, making it the best real-world alternative to carbon fibre when you just want the look without paying a ton of money. 

The self adhesive vinyl can be installed on all sorts of surfaces, regardless of the curvature and the Air Drain Technology on the adhesive side allows for a bubble free installation, this means there are an unlimited amount of applications.

Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
Type: CF-300 Series
Colour: Orange
Material: High Flexible Polymeric PVC Film
Durability: Indoors 8-10 years, outdoors 3-5 years, 
Thickness: 160microns
Feature: With ADT (Air Drain Technology) for Bubble Free Application
Application: Dry application

Carbon Fibre Wraps are a perfect look for your architectural project when you are looking for a sporty motorsport inspired finish, especially suitable for reception desks, work benches, motorsport truck and motorhome interiors, car dealership offices, tool boxes or even for your car crazed kids bedroom furniture! You are only limited by your imagination!