Green Sanding Glitter Vinyl with ADT

Green Sanding Glitter Vinyl with ADT


This Green Sanding Glitter Vinyl Wrap has a textured gritty feel and comes with ADT (Air Drain Technology) which allows for an easy bubble free application. It is ingrained with a reflective flake which will reflect light when shined on giving off a glitter effect especially in the sun. The self adhesive vinyl can be installed on all sorts of surfaces, regardless of the curvature as the vinyl can be heated and conformed around curves and into recesses making it a cost effective alternative for any interior design project. 

Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
Type: D-800 Series
Colour: Green
Material: High-Flex Polymeric PVC Film
Durability: Indoor 8-10 years, Outdoor 3-5 years
Thickness: 160micron
Feature: Reflective Flakes
Application: Dry application 

Our Architectural Wrapping Vinyls are perfect to up-cycle or customize your home or office interiors at a fraction of the cost of replacing or using natural materials. Some of the areas it can transform include Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Drawers, Doors, Desks, Tables, Reception Desks, Walls, Chairs, Window Sills, Fridges, Kids Furniture, Ikea are only limited by your imagination! 

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