Brushed Silver Aluminium Vinyl Wrap with ADT

Brushed Silver Aluminium Vinyl Wrap with ADT


This Brushed Silver Aluminium Vinyl Wrap comes with ADT (Air Drain Technology) and is used by professionals to wrap Cars, Motorbikes and Boats. The self adhesive vinyl can be installed on all sorts of surfaces, regardless of the curvature and the Air Drain Technology on the adhesive side allows for bubble free installation. This means there are an unlimited amount of applications, from the exterior and Interior of your car to the fairings on your bike.

Chromatic Vinyl Films B-500 Series gives a Brushed Steel look that has a three-dimensional texture to it. This allows it to reflect light the same way that real Brushed Steel would, making it the most realistic alternative to actual brushed metal. 

- Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
- Type: B-500 Series
- Material: High-Flex Polymeric PVC Film
- Durability: Outdoor Durability 3-5 years, indoor 8-10 years
- Thickness: 160microns
- Feature: With ADT (Air Drain Technology) for Bubble Free Application
- Application: Dry application for full, partial and interior wraps
- The brushed strokes run along the length of the roll

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