This Bianco Marble BM35 Vinyl Wrap is part of our premium range of Architectural Vinyls from Layed Interior Films which are thicker and have a highly durable finish. Used by professionals around the world this self adhesive vinyl wrap can be used on any smooth surface in the home, office or commercial fit out project. This Bianco Marble vinyl wrap has subtle grey veining and comes in a matte finish which adds a premium finish to any project. 

- Air drain for bubble free finish
- High scratch resistance
- Conformable with heat
- 200micron thickness
- Easy to clean
- UV resistant
- 8 year vinyl
- Cleaner install and more durable than paint
- Dry application
- Cost effective way to transform kitchens, walls, worktops, wardrobes, doors, desks, retail, office or restaurant space

*The width of the rolls are 1.22m and the pattern runs along whatever length of the roll you choose.

Samples available above in the sizes options but please note the Marble samples will not show the full pattern, if you need to see the pattern please order a larger sized sheet. If unsure of the colour we always recommend getting a sample as it's difficult to show the exact colour on different phone and laptop screens.